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In this blog there will be the latest news from the spoonrevolution around the world. Every day there will be a post for you to enjoy so put this blog as a favorite. We will publish artworks, receipts, articles, veggie news, veggie heroes, maybe even You if you make something cool and send it to us.

torsdag 31 juli 2008

OKI - The new maskot of the Spoonrevolution

This lovely little friend of the spoonrevolution will present to you the concepts of vegetarianism in hundreds of pictures and comicstrips and maybe also movies. The website for OKI is coming up. In this picture OKI is explaining to YOU what the OK (Original Kingdom) stands for. The rest of the comic will be in the OKI website where OKI will clear out all doubts :)

onsdag 23 juli 2008

Passport for the revolution

Here is the latest offer from the spoonrevolution. In the new, more sofisticated website of the spoonrevolution, there will be possibilty for getting a passport by registrating yourself as either embassador or minister in the OK (the Original Kingdom of the spoonrevolution). On the picture is the passport cover, the inside will be decided according to the information you give. So have a look and grow your desire to get a passport to the crueltyfree land of love :)
(It will give you discount in vegetarian restaurants and establishments around the world.)

tisdag 22 juli 2008

Do you have kids?

Many parents are worried that their kids don´t get enough nourishment if they are vegetarians, and espacially pregnant mothers. So to clear out all the doubts about this the spoonrevolution commiteé recommends this website. It can give you all the help and knowledge required to remain vegetarian or vegan during pregnancy and to be sure that the kids get enough.

onsdag 9 juli 2008

Festival of the Spoon in Sweden 5th July

In Sweden, Gothenburg, the spoonguerilla made an attack in the "slottskogen"-park. With music, food, meateaters anonymous forum and theater workshops the spoon spread its influence throughout the crowd. Music was performed by our mexican revolutionaries Maria and Jorges with their band Qüirio (listen to the revolution song here).